About the boards on this page...
Team RTF Forums
A new forum setup for Team RTF members and all Bemani gamers.
Supports both english and japanese language posts.
Sydney Arcade
A new forum created for Sydney's arcade community, but welcoming all arcade gamers from around Australia.
Adelaide Arcade Gaming
Formerly OdoruOnline, Adelaide's main discussion board for arcade gamers.
DDRFreak: Down Under
DDRFreak is now one of the few remaining DDR news sites.
It's extensive list of forums include local boards for many major locations around the world.
ITGFreak: Australia
ITGFreak is an american news site for the now-in-jeopardy In The Groove.
Aussie ITG fans chat on the site's local forum.
The Board: 3rd Mix
At one time Australia's most popular DDR and Bemani message board. Originally set up by Picoolio of Sydney.
Hosted by EZboard (some pop-ups).
RTF Local Guestbooks
City-based and national Guestbooks for Team Ranking Task-Force.
Created by Team Leader H.Edward@RTF, these were the team's original discussion boards.
If there's another board you'd like to see added to this page, email the RTF Webmaster - webmaster@rankingtaskforce.net